About Us

Our primary focus is to deliver the best laid educational tour programs to India.

We offer only the finest stay and best of foods in the country, and we are determined to precisely set up your journeys that make us notable among our competitors. Because we have the in-depth knowledge of breathtaking prospects, assertive masterminds, myriad of cultures and art & architectural masterstrokes in India. Above all, we architect every package to be a soulful incorporation of research ideologies, with an eye to quench the thirst for knowledge.A readymade, old fashioned suit might fit you as well but it won’t look that good on you, at least not as good as a custom made one. The same applies when it comes to selection of a tour package. A generic itinerary is always going to mean compromises. So AEDX redefines it all with its picturesque range of itineraries.
We at AEDX have developed a new way of combining education and travel to make learning an unforgettable experience. Our concept is educational tourism, rather than simply studying. We believe that the most cherished memories come from the first-hand experience, so AEDX has been created to offer an affordable & unparalleled experience while visiting the intriguing nation of India. We invite college students from around the world to experience this educational expedition.
As one of the world’s oldest societies, India is unique in its ability to support such a breadth of diversity while preserving its traditional culture. It continues to grow in population and economic prowess, making it one of the world’s fastest growing economies. AEDX being a program, wants to show students what India has to offer for tomorrow’s globalized economy. Through AEDX, students will get a chance to explore and experience India’s nature, culture, arts, architecture and technology. In an increasingly vibrant economy, multicultural exposure and understanding hold the keys to unlocking opportunities for tomorrow. AEDX is here to help open the door.